• Extended universal remote database
    (regular updates)
  • New universal remotes
  • External IR modules support


  • Dynamic key protocols support
  • New frequency analyzer
  • Add manually menu extended with new protocols
  • Programming modes for dynamic protocols and custom buttons
  • Region lock removed
  • Extra Sub-GHz frequencies
  • External radio modules support
  • Various improvements and extra settings


  • Almost all existing plugins are included in our firmware builds
    (check Extra version in releases)
  • Various plugins are ported (rewritten) and fixed for latest firmware
  • All plugins always up to date
  • Also Our custom plugins was made:
    • SubGHz Remote
    • SubGHz Bruteforcer
    • RFID/iButton Fuzzers
    • POCSAG Pager

125Khz RFID

  • RFID Fuzzer plugin
    (and iButton has one too!)
  • T5577 Password reset option
  • Extra Mifare Classic keys (NFC)
  • Small UI changes

UI & Desktop

  • Option to change Flipper's name
    (BLE, USB, Serial, MAC are changed too!)
  • Extra favourite apps
  • Battery display styles
  • Lock device by holding UP button on main screen
  • Byte Input & Text Input improvements
  • Various improvements, etc...


  • BadUSB -> Keyboard layouts
    (for almost every country)
  • BadBT plugin:
  • Allows using BadUSB scripts via BLE
  • Allows changing device adv name and mac address